Best Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Pear-shaped diamonds are a popular engagement ring style. This design, sometimes known as teardrop diamonds, is popular for its stunning shape, which combines sharp edges with gentle curves while staying highly dazzling. Do you think a pear-shaped engagement ring would be ideal? Something contemporary and distinctively hers? Here’s all you need to know about this new style, which our clients adore:

Why Pear Shaped Engagement Rings?

Because the pear form is more distinctive, it frequently signifies the bride’s empowerment, strong will, independence, and distinct style. These stones are also supposed to represent joyous tears or bridal tears, which are both excellent options for an engagement ring. Each pear shape engagement ring stone has its own spiritual connotations, personality, and everlasting history.

10 Best Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

1. Platinum Three Stone Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

This timeless setting has two smaller pear shaped diamonds on each side to complement and accentuate the brilliance and size of your chosen center stone in a breathtaking way.

1. Pear Sidestone Diamond Engagement Ring


A bright white gold setting embraces your precious diamond while pear-shaped side stones add a fancy-cut edge.

Diamond Engagement Ring 1 ct tw Pear/Round 14K White Gold

A striking symbol of your everlasting love, this gorgeous diamond engagement ring for her features a lovely center pear-shaped diamond that is framed with 2 halos of sparkling round diamonds. The striking 14K white gold band is dazzled with dancing round diamonds to complete the look and give the ring a total diamond weight of 1 carat.

Yellow Gold Three Stone Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

2. Classic Pear Shaped Sapphire Engagement Ring


Two velvety medium dark blue pear-shaped sapphires, set in elegant platinum, draw the eye directly to the center diamond of your choice, making it the star of the show.

Pear Shaped Diamond Shared Prong Marquise Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

3. Pear Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


This classic platinum pear-shaped halo diamond engagement ring features a single row of micro-pavé set round brilliant-cut diamonds and is crafted to perfectly frame the pear-cut center diamond of your choice.

4. Pear-Shaped Diamond Detail Engagement Ring


Celebrate love with extra sparkle and the warmth of yellow gold. This beautiful design in 14k yellow gold features delicate pear-shaped details set with three petite diamonds flanking each side of your center stone.

6. Platinum Halo Pear Shaped Side Stone Engagement Ring

This glamorous engagement ring is elegant yet bold. A halo of sparkling diamonds adorn the center stone while the points of pear shaped diamonds meet the tapered shank on eack side. *Number of diamonds and total carat weight listed on the product information is based on a 1 ct. center stone. Please note that the number of diamonds and total carat weight may vary according to the size and shape of the center stone.

Do They Mean Bad Luck?

Eventually, if allowing someone else to try on your ring makes you feel unlucky, don’t do it. Superstitions are based on emotion rather than logic. Being engaged should be a pleasant moment in your life, so avoid any contact that might detract from that.

Three Most Selling Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Even though there are so many varieties of Pear shaped rings, these three are ruling the market. Take a look at the below varieties before you step out.

1. 5 Row Micro Pave:

This 2.34-carat ring makes a significant presence regardless of the ring size, it is made up of 5 rows of tiny pave diamonds. The beautiful pear center stone, with outstanding visibility, stands above the kingdom of jewels on a four-pronged throne. It’s a rare treat to have this much of the center diamond visible to everybody, so put it on your wish list.

2. Vintage Twisted:

The year 2020 and 2021 has witnessed a continuous move toward retro designs. Many of today’s most intriguing designers are reintroducing classic styles to a new generation of fashionistas. This Vintage Twisted pave pattern combines numerous classic styles into a single stunning ring. The ring has an elaborate pave design with numerous tiny embellishments that may be created in either white or yellow gold. All the kith and kin will look away!

3. Round Infinity:

A beautiful pear-shaped diamond lies on a four-pronged crown in this two-tone pear shape engagement ring. This ring is the perfect representation of nostalgic love when coupled with a stone cut with meaning and the band’s infinity design. In a stunning display, Italian filigree lifts the central stone around the wearer’s finger.

What Is Very Important While Buying?

In a pear-shaped diamond, symmetry is critical. Imagine a vertical line running from the point of a pear-shaped diamond through the center of its rounded end while looking at it from above. The diamond should precisely reflect itself on each side of this line. If there is a lack of symmetry, it will be obvious, and the diamond will appear crooked or “off.” Check for symmetry before you buy to ensure you obtain a pear-shaped diamond you’ll adore.


Who is in the queue to get hitched? If you say yes, then you need to take a look at this beautiful range of pear-shaped rings. Try all the best collections before you choose the best one for your wedding finger.